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Ricardo Guerrini on 16/07/2007
Very nice article but I dont know the author,is the article signed? Anyway,I also have megalobulimus in my garden and sometimes I take care of them when they are small in a closed aquarium.They need to eat a lot of different vegetables including different kinds of lettuce,grated carrots(they love the leafs of the carrots),some fruits like mango ,little very shallow water and dont forget calcitic calcarium tha they also appreciate in small amounts in the garden as soon you release them. Is the author from south America,Brazil? Ricardo Guerrini From Brazil


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We have some Brazilian land shells in our garden, and most of them remain hidden all the time.
Megalobulimus are quite active when the weather is rainy, crawling among the leaves. They rarely crawl up the walls or trees, but one of our neighbors called us saying there was an alien from outer space on his tree....

Our garden needed some cleaning, so Raphael spent one Saturday removing dead leaves, weeds and dirt, also a dead tree which caused calluses on his hands after a few hours of digging.

During the process he found several buried eggs, some cracked, some still with a dead shell inside which probably was not strong enough to break the egg shell and survive. Among those eggs there was a huge one, larger than any I've seen before (I wish I'd measured and photographed it...). I don't know if shells have labor pains but I think this one did!

I kept all of them in a plastic box on my desk for a few days since I intended to write a short article about it, especially showing the one with the dead shell inside.

I came to work on Sunday; the office was very quiet when I start hearing this low squeaking noise, barely audible. I looked around thinking "I just had my office sprayed, are there any cockroaches here?", when I looked inside the plastic box and saw that egg with a crack and the shell crawling outside!

I was certain nothing would emerge since we had moved the eggs around, handled them many times and as most people say when you do this to an egg, it gets spoiled. Well, it didn't!

I even named this one Maggie - full name, Maggie Lo Bulimus (ouch!)

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