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Book Stores
- Books of Nature - online bookstore selling a wide range of shell books
- Capricornica Publications - Australian Shells - almost 300 species illustrated.
- ConchBooks - Publishing house, book-traders and antiquarian. Klaus & Christina Groh, Germany

- Atoll Specimen Shells - by Gonçalo Rosa
- C & S Shell Cabinet - branch company of Ocean State Asia Limited which was established in March 2004
- HolubShop - selected seashells and professional literature for their collectors. (please report new link)
- Malacologia - Introduction to Malacologia, Mostra Mondiale.
- Marine Jewels - Clay & Debbie dealer from Australia.(please report new link)
- Of Sea & Shore - Information about the museum and publications.
- Secrets of the sea - Secrets of the Sea offers custom made seashell and nautical lamps for your home or office. Each piece is hand made and unique.(please report new link)
- Shell Dimension.com - Worldwide Specimen Shells
- Specimen Landshell sales - Shells by Steve Setzer
- TopSeaShells.com - Website from Michel Jourdan, shell collector living in Cebu, Phi.

Personal web pages
- Abfocus Newsletter - A journal on Haliotidae.
- All About Seashells - Anything and Everything about Sea Shells. Everything seashells, from specimen seashells to shell crafts to shell recipes, you`ll find it here in all about seashells.
- Colecionismo - The Collectors website. Various collectable items, cards, coins, stamps, etc. - in Portuguese
- CONCHA - Jacek Glanc personal websites and "Club Lovers of Shells". A place for shell collectors and molluscs lowers.
- Conchylin - Conchylinet is a site dedicated to the seashells collection. It is intended to any public interested in molluscs and seashells
- QuitSmokingCommunity.org - https://QuitSmokingCommunity.org/ and http://www.ffsonline.org/ - They’re both dedicated organizations who work to better the community through volunteering and health awareness: QuitSmokingCommunity.org, who helps people to quit smoking so that people can live longer, healthier lives and end the harm caused by tobacco to children.

- www.gastropods.com - Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods - over 10,000 species and formas with over half illustrated - very nice site!
- The Humble Operculum - a celebration of the diversity and beauty of this important but neglected element of gastropod mollusca
- M@re Nostrum - Dedicada al mundo de los moluscos y a sido realizada por dos amantes de esta magnifica ciencia Alfonso Vaquero y Jesús López , con el único fin de reunir a todos aquellos aficionados que estén interesados en compartir con otros este mundillo
- www.marginella.com - A very friendly website for those who want to exchange shells with people from all over the world. Made by Angelo Balsutta. (please report new link)
- Malakos - A very nice site for collectors with good information and images - in SPANISH - EN ESPAÑOL !!
- Mike´s Seashells Collection - Mike An personal website. Covers all families. (please report new link)
- www.muszle.net.pl - Polish website devoted to shell collecting
- http://www.nzshells.net.nz - Peter Poortman (New Zealand) shell collection.
- www.pectensite.com - Pectinidae from the collection of Arne Ghys from Belgium
- www.tahitishells.com - a link between divers and collectors for selling or exchanging shells. (please report new link)
- SeaShell-Collector.com - The Wondeful World Of Seashell Collecting

Museum/Scientific pages
- Collections of the Chicago Academy of Sciences - Little information, also found in Systematic Research collections.
- Conchologia Ingrata is intended to be an outlet for papers that may be of interest to some malacologists and conchologists but which are not entirely suitable for a scientific journal. Space in such journals is limited and expensive, both to produce and to obtain. All papers go through some form of review.
- Cone Shells Conotoxins - Cone Shells and Conotoxins
- Folia malacologia - A Polish Journal.
- Australian Museum Home Page - Molluscan part.
- Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum - General information on this great private shell museum initiative.
- Bishop Museum - Everything about the Bishop Museum, everything. See below in THE PHYLUM MOLLUSCA for their database.
- Florida Museum of Natural History - Florida Museum of Natural History tells you its history.
- Malacological museum Haus der Natur Cismar - Information about the museum and publications in Germany.
- Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - Paris, France. With the database for European Marine Mollusca (see search engines).
- Ohio State University - Department of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology
- Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science - Brussels, Belgium. Introduction to the Museum with e-mails to the responsable persons.
- Apex - Journal of the Belgian Malacological Society. (please report new link)
- Biosis Journals - A list of mainly professional journals on zoology, including also Malacological ones, with direct links.
- Center for Biodiversity - From the Illinois Natural History Survey. Page on Malacology, their collections etc...
- Freshwater Molluscan Shells - These pages constitute an attempt to fill a void in popular materials covering worldwide molluscan shells.
- Freshwater Mussel (UNIONOIDA) Genera of the World - all of the "genera" of freshwater mussels in the world
- Malacological Societies - A list compiled by Ph. Bouchet for Unitas Malacologica.
- Man and Mollusc - Very interesting site with many links, articles and facts about shells
- Journal of Shellfish Research - From the National Shellfish Association.
- Smithsonian Natural History Museum - General information on the Museum, but also direct access to their collection (see search engines)
- Systematic Research Collections: Mollusca - Lists about 140 systematic research collections from all over the world. A lot of direct links.
- The Journal of the Society of Australasia - Since 1957
- The Veliger - The Veliger is an international, peer-reviewed scientific quarterly published by the California Malacozoological Society, a non-profit educational organization.
- Tryonia- all info with searchable database for articles. (please report new link)
- Vita Marina and Spirula - Becoming important in Europe since their first color printing. The home page with a lot of extra information: shell shows and meetings, a directory of cyber conchologists and malacologists, newly described species, and references to other sites.
- Zebra Mussel Update - on Dreissena.

Shell Clubs
- A.F.C. - Conchyliology French Association (AFC) gathered more than 500 members, published the magazine XENOPHORA and organizes shell-shows on all France.
- Astronaut Trail Shell Club - All information on this club.
- Auckland Shell Club - private club which is closely associated with the Auckland Museum.
- CenPenn Beachcombers - group of seashell enthusiasts and collectors in the Susquehanna Valley region of Pennsylvania
- Conchologists of America - The Web page from Conchologists of America. Information on the society, grants to Malacology, list of Clubs, including the very local ones in USA. Malacological organizations list. In Shell Resources, classic information on many subjects.
- Conchological Club of Southern California - (please report new link)
- Conquiliologistas do Brasil - Brazilian shell club
- Gloria Maris - website of the Belgian Society for Conchology
- Guam Shell Club - All information about this club. (please report new link)
- Englewood Florida Shell Club - lots of images and links.
- Indianapolis Shell Club - Disbanded?
- Jacksonville Shell Club - All information and a complete list of Ranellidae.
- Naples Shell Club - Information about this shell club. (please report new link)
- Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging - Information on NMV. Site is in Dutch and English.
- North Alabama Shell Club - All information on this club.
- North Texas Conchological Society - How to become member, get info etc... (Please report new link)
- Marco Island Shell Club - Information about this shell club. Not available to all locations!
- Pacific Shell Club - All information about this club (Please report new link)
- San Diego Shell Club - All information about this club.
- www.shellclub.ru - Russian shells club!
- Société Belge de Malacologie - French-spoken Belgian club.
- Società Italiana di Malacologia - Information about this shell club.
- St. Louis Shell Club - Information about this club.
- The Georgia Shell Club - All information on this club and good links. (See below)
- The Malacological Society of Australasia Ltd. - Info on the different Branches, Publications, Conservation and Endangered species, etc. And how to affiliate with the society
- The Malacological Society of London - The Malacological Society of London is a charitable organisation dedicated to the advancement of education and research on molluscs.
- The St. Pete Shell Club, Inc. - All information about this club.
- The Capsule - This is the Newsletter of the Astronaut Trail Shell Club.
- The Central Florida Shell News - Monthly newsletter of the Central Florida Shell Club.
- The Nautiloid - Newsletter from the North Alabama Shell Club.
- Western Society of Malacologists Home Page - How to become member, get info etc...
- Whelk Wavelength - Newsletter from the Georgia Shell Club.

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