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COA 2005 - Punta Rassa, Fort Myers - Florida

Fossil trip
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The convention was very agitated with the presence of hundreds of collectors. The hotel was quite nice and located near the entrance of Sanibel Island.
Jose received a "forced" invitation (J) from Harry Lee to put together a presentation on Brazilian shells, (which was prepared on PowerPoint by Carlos Henckes). He showed several new species and comparisons of Caribbean and Brazilian fauna.

We visited again the fantastic Bailey-Matthews Museum in Sanibel, having a special attention from Dr. Jose Leal.
And of course the Bourse was fantastic! Dealers from all over the world participated and lots of collectors were gathered at the entrance waiting until the doors were opened.

COA 2006 will be in Mobile, Alabama (see some info on the town at http://www.cityofmobile.org/ ). I hope to see some of you there!

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