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Western Samoa by Marcus Coltro

Josť 'wearing' the plane...
When we got in the airport we wre surprised by the size of the airplane, very small, only 8 people could fly each trip. Our flight was very short and by the time it where descending we couldn't see any airport. Then it landed in a grass field! Well, the 'airport' was not more than a house with one desk. We rented a car and went to find our hotel, Agie's Gray Hotel, very neat and full of shells decorating it! The owner used to collect and she put shells everywhere. The beaches here were beautiful, no wonder why Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson picked this place to live...

The water is blue and people very nice.

All the small villages are clean and neat, very different from American Samoa. Again, shelling was great and we were able to spend a whole day on a Fale on the beach for US$5, coconuts included! I can say it is a little more relaxing than my office....

- These photos were digitalized from originals (slides or paper) so the quality is not as high as the photos you are used to see in our website.


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