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John Abbas on 14/8/2008
A friend e- mailed me a few days ago and refered to you as " King cone " Well, I can now clearly see why..John

Lyle Therriaut on 14/2/2008
beautiful collections! Of course I was immediately drawn to the slides of the cones. Wonderful specimens! Lyle

William Silver on 14/2/2008
You collection is just Exquisite, I'm always happy it see so many shells displayed so beautifully, Glory to God the MostHigh for his wonderful creations and my friends for putting it all together

Javier Lopez on 14/2/2008
Preciosa coleccion y un regalo para la vista. Gracias por compartirla. Javier


Collection António Monteiro

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António Monteiro was born in 1951, in Lisbon, where he currently lives, a Mathematics teacher, married, with two daughters and three grandsons.
Interested in shells since childhood, began to collect seriously and systematically around 1966, later specializing in the families Conidae and Pectinidae.
A founding member and first President of the Portuguese Malacological Society – now extinct –, later acting as Secretary and as editor of tublications.
Has authored or co-authored numerous papers on shells and shell collecting and also a few books, namely: Seashells from Cape Verde Islands (1977, with Luís P. Burnay), Cone Shells from Cape Verde Islands – a difficult puzzle (1980, with Dieter Röckel e Emilio Rolán) and The genus Conus of West Africa and the Mediterranean (in A Conchological Iconography, 2004, with Manuel J. Tenorio e Guido T. Poppe).
For about ten years has been editing a newsletter entitled "O Búzio" (in Portuguese), which is distributed to Portuguese collectors; about one year and a half ago, began the newsletter "The Cone Collector", an international publication for collectors of Conidae.
A compulsive collector, has many interests including frog figurines, old picture postcards, Moorcroft pottery, stamps, Bank notes, antique belt buckles, etc. Besides that, is also seriously interested in comics, particularly in the work of Hergé, and in supernatural literature, having written and published several ghost tales.

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