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martin ibarra on 29/10/2009
Very nice collection! I fortunately visited Carlos Persak and I can admirate in situ his magnifical collection. In a future I hope to have that amazing kind of specimens in my collection like Mr. Carlos has now. Regards!

Katharine Hollister on 25/6/2009
Beautiful collection. Nice idea to put it up on your site Marcus. I am also wondering if it is possible to directly correspond with Carlos Persak. Thank you, Katharine

bob winters on 25/6/2009
Very nice collection. I would like to correspond with Sr. Persak regarding Argentinan Freshwater Molluscs. Perhaps he knew my early mentor Dr. Juan Jose Parodiz who was from Buenos Aires.

Carlos Persak - Argentina

see photo presentation »
I am an engineer specializing in planning and building flour plants for a company based in Uzwil, Switzerland, with branches in several countries.

When I was 25 years old, I went to Mar del Plata on vacation, and found there a shell store named Caracoles de Todos los Mares del Mundo. They also had a branch in Buenos Aires, and I became a regular customer there.

I was very impressed by the number and variety of shells available which I had never seen before, so I became interested and researched more information about this very attractive hobby.

Later I met other collectors, and after 40 years my collection has about 5,000 species. My main interest is Strombidae (99%), Cypraeidae and Muricidae, in addition to fresh water and land shells.

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