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Luís de Távora Collection

Luís was born in Lisbon, Portugal in April, 23 1959. He started to collect shells in 1982, on the beginning only Cowries and three years later Ovulidae, Triviidae and Pediculariidae.

His Cowrie collection is based on the groups of Bistolida, Cribarula and Cypraeovula. On the recent years he has been on search of new species for his two preferred families: Ovulidae and Triviidae.

Besides these four families, he has 600 shells from other families - chosen by their beauty, quality and size, plus around 300 Marginellidae from West Africa.

The collection is neatly stored in specially made cabinets, inside plastic boxes with individual labels. The smaller species are placed inside magnifier lid plastic boxes. Blue velvet is used inside all boxes and drawers.

Since the shell room has no windows all large shells can be displayed inside glass showcases.

Marcus visited him in November 2003 and can tell you this was one of the most neat collections he has ever seen!

photos by Gonçalo Rosa


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