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How to Order

1 - Send your personal information by e-mail to shells@femorale.com (full name and address) in order to receive your password and username;
2 - You can order using our shopping cart or copying the names and codes and sending them by e-mail. The shopping cart is quicker and you can track your order to know if it was received, being prepared, done, reserved or sent. Orders made by e-mail will not be included on our online order's database and will be also treated in order of arrival so we cannot guarantee the availability of all shells;
3 - You can see the check box for our shopping cart anywhere the shell is displayed and available, simply select it and go to the shopping cart - do not change pages before adding all on the bottom of the page;
4 - Please remember to follow all the steps to finish your order. The last button is red and says "Place Order". If you did not get to this button then start over.
5 – There is no minimum order, however check postage prices before ordering. We will send you any shell, just remember that the cheaper postage is USD 12.00 depending where you live.

If you have any questions of how to order using our shopping cart please see help

For payment methods and postage prices please see terms (please read the new postage prices posted on May 2019)


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